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"Who the heck is this?!"

Hi, we're Indoor Pets. You might be looking for the popular 4 beat combo "Get Inuit" and think you're in the wrong place. Well you're actually in the right place! You see, we've changed our name.

"Nooo! What are you doing that was the greatest pun-based band name ever!?"

You might be thinking something along these lines. Well you're wrong. See, we didn't put much thought into the name when we chose it, and it turns out, it wasn't the smartest move we've ever made. If you'd like to read more into the topic, Jamie gave his thoughts to the lovely people at Wonderland Magazine, which you can read here - which sums it up far better than I ever could.

"Good, your band name was terrible!"

You might be thinking something along these lines. You're right. We've changed it.

"Nooooo I bought merch with the old name on it!"

We know, we know. And it's really great merch and you wear it all the time right? Well, keep wearing it. There's nothing wrong with it, and you can show that you were a fan before indoor pets even existed. We'll have some new and old designs with Indoor Pets on them when we tour the UK early next year.

"You're touring the UK next February?!"

Astute observation reader. Yes, we are, and its our first headline tour for 3 years. It would be really great to see lots of faces there. We'll still be playing all the songs you know and love. Obviously changing the band name might have a significant impact on people knowing about it so come along and make sure you let all your friends know. We'd love to prove the sceptics wrong.

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